New Hampshire
In June of 2003 I spent six weeks
in Japan with OMF, telling people
about God.
In March 2004 I visited Hawaii when my
friend Ronnin got married there.
In July 2006 I did photoshoots
in the late afternoon while
on business in New Hampshire.
Bolivia Japan 2009 Hong Kong 2009
In August 2008 I went
to Bolivia, again
telling people about God.
In May 2009 I took
a photoshoot of the Kyoto
(Kansai) area.
In July 2009 I met my friend Christine
for a vacation in Hong Kong and Macau.
Big Bend Canyonlands Seiler House, Bodie, CA
In October 2010 I visited
Big Bend National Park in
southwest Texas for the first time,
then went back in April 2011.
In Sept 2011 I visited
six parks in the Four Corners area.
In August 2015 I visited
the ghost town of Bodie.
Duomo, Florence
In Sept 2015 I visited
northern Italy.